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What are GuidaBoh ® airport transfers?


It is a transport service carried out by chauffeurs (NCC), taxi, buses and Minibuses.


Who it is conceived for?


It is made for clients that have sardinian accommodations. Mainly those in Northern Sardinia.  In order to facilitate transfers of clients to and from airports. It is a service provided by clear rules and agreements and it is designed to address the lack of continuous transport systems, in line with the needs of accommodation and customer expectations.


Who can use it?


It is aimed only for people who book at the facilities on the list displayed. The missing partecipant hotel or facilities can be requested directly to the Confcommercio (Sassari office, tel. 079.2599551, e-mail The rates shown cannot be applied to customers who stay elsewhere. The standard rates will then apply.


Who offers the service?


This is only an online booking service, made available by, that works with a group of transport road companies that operate in Sardinia.

The brand is owned by Media Services Sardinia with headquarters in Sassari (SS), Via Mazzini 2d, Vat 02281990909,.It has assumed the objective of uniting a group of road transport companies, in order to offer different services to the accommodations and the tourist clientele. All bookings made from this website, will be sent to the partner vectors that will deliver the requested service.


We inform our customers that all transfer services are provided by transport companies who own all the requirements and all the necessary authorizations to operate in the region of Sardinia.

Sending an email request to you can receive a full list of these firms. announces that all transport services will be made directly by road transport companies, in full compliance with all regulations of the transport sector and with all insurance coverage provided by law, to ensure the safety of our transported customers. Responsibility for the transport is entirely and exclusively of the transport company that will provide the service.




The rates are designed to offer the best connections to all the Sardinian airports and to the accommodation facilities consulted by clicking on this link.




Reservations must be carried out within 12 hours exclusively online before the beginning of the journey and it is considered confirmed only after the customer has read the email sent to him.  We encourage customers to check their spam folder. If, for whatever reason, within one hour of the request, mail is not received, clients can write to

After confirmation, the customer is directed to a landing page from which he can only pay the booking fees to validate the booking already confirmed.

If there is no online booking fee, it is possible to request by email to the unique payment in the hands of the carrier (adding the cost of the race + booking fees).

Last minute reservations, made within 12 hours before the beginning of the journey, may only be made via email writing to us at Our operators will verify the availability of the vehicle and will answer within 2 hours.


Booking responsibilities

The customer assumes the responsibility of the data provided during the booking process. The customer is advised to report any variation, if he or she is aware of it in advance.


Delay or flight cancellation


The customer is advised to report any variation, if he or she is aware of it in advance.



Sharing a vehicle


In the booking form vehicle sharing is a possible way to save money thanks to the sharing mode, or rather by sharing the vehicle with other people who have to make the same route or a similar path. In the case of choosing the vehicle share, the price will remain unchanged and at the beginning of the journey the customer will be notified by the partner carrier of the possible presence of other passengers and the appropriate rate will be applied, through the instant refund of the difference. The customer can always view prices on the site and make the calculations by looking at: the departure airport to the closest destination on the same route to then divide by the total number of passengers; while the difference from the closest point to the furthest destination will be charged to the remaining passengers.


Modification and cancellation


Cancellations will not be refunded. However, the customer can choose another date within 30 days from the previously chosen journey.

Any change of date and time of the transfer is allowed (without any extra charge) within 96 hours from the start of the chosen journey during the booking process.

In case of variation of the destination, any difference of price will be paid on board the vehicle to the carrier (or will be returned directly from the carrier to the client, in which case the change would result in a lower route).


Reservations within 12 hours


Transfers within 12 hours of the journey may be reserved only by email writing to us at guidabohairport Our operators will verify the availability of the vehicle and will answer within 2 hours.

In the case of confirming the availability of the vehicle, the price indicated in the price table (may be consulted on this link) will have a surcharge of 10%. The entire total of the journey must be paid to the driver, who will issue you a tax receipt.





In case of claims made by the client or by the accommodation, please send an email to . We guarantee a response within 24 hours.


Insurance coverage and responsibility of the journey


Our partner carriers have contracts with leading insurance companies to ensure the safety of passengers. Customers have the right to request further information on board the vehicle before departure and if necessary to consult the contract specifications.




Payment must be paid on-line (via credit card or paypal account of the sole reservation charges). After the payment has been made the client will receive an email from within 72 hours as a guarantee of the paid sum and as a tax receipt. The final tax receipt will be issued directly to the customer from the driver of the vehicle (shipping price).


Customer recognition


At the airport: the driver will wait for the client to arrive at the airport and will exhibit a signboard with the accommodation name to be reached. The client at the time of the meeting must show the driver the booking email in paper or through a device, so that there is an appropriate match of reservations.

At the accommodation: a transfer from a facility to the airport, the driver will not have a signboard but will ask at the reception desk. The customer will still have to show the booking email in paper or through a device before boarding.


Privacy and Regulations declares that the data provided by the customer during the booking process will be handled according to the Privacy Policy Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 by the owner handling the data, for which the specifications can be found at this link: Cookie Policy

During the booking request, the customer is asked to authorize the processing of personal data on the form (in accordance with law 196/2003 and further modifications) and the acceptance of these rules.

By selecting "I AGREE TO THE TREATMENT OF MY PERSONAL DATA AND ACCEPT THE RULES" the customer authorizes to process your personal data both for the service requested but also to relay information and marketing material by email and/or text message.

The client may request the suspension, removing himself from communications received through contained procedures.


Also by declaring to accept the rules, the customer fully accepts without reservation.


A reminder of the customer’s responsibilities:


  • may be held accountable for the proper handling of reservations. (Media Services Sardegna) along with partner carriers will also answer to damages that may possibly arise to transported clients as a result of:                                                                                                                  


       - the vehicle not being present at the time of arrival in the airport (the reimbursement is                                 limited to the price of the journey).                                                                                                                      

       - the loss of the return flight, due to the arrival failure or punctuality of the vehicle compared          

          to the hour indicated in the client’s reservation. The customer is obliged to indicate a                                     departure time from the accommodation. The customer will be held responsible to indicate      

          an adequate departure time from the accommodation. Keep in mind the arrival and sufficient                     time to carry out all boarding procedures. Guidaboh will not be held responsibile if the hour                          indicated is not sufficient. 


  • The partner carriers will be totally responsible for the enforcement of the commissioned transport service from whose criteria of custody takes care of the requirements specified by the customer and the availability of the partner carriers upon request. Carriers are also liable for any damage, inconvenience or accident during the entire stay on board the vehicle.


  • As already mentioned the accommodations have no such responsibility, as their intervention is purely aimed at informing customers about the existence of this service, which allows clients to move to and from the airports at a discounted rate.


More information about privacy and the cookie policy can be accessed from the menu or by clicking the "cookie policy" button at the top right.


We also remind the visitor that if you are reading this regulation, it means that the same cookie policy has already been accepted to be able to continue navigation.


For more clarity, we inform the visitor that the acceptance of the cookies policy provides us with automatic authorization in sending promotional material. This shall only take place if a booking request form of airport transfer service is completed.


If the customer has any doubt, before making a reservation, please write to us at                           



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